Animal Liberation Now-9781847927767

Animal Liberation Now


Format: Hardback 368 pages
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Imprint: The Bodley Head Ltd
ISBN: 9781847927767
Published: 8 Jun 2023
Classifications: Ethics & moral philosophy, Popular philosophy, Food & society, Animals & society, Political activism, Climate change
Weight: 586g

Now fully rewritten and entirely updated to reflect the pressing problems of today, Animal Liberation Now presents the definitive case for radically rethinking humanity's relationship with other animals. In 1975, Animal Liberation started a worldwide movement when it revealed the abuse of animals in factory farms and laboratories. In the fifty years since, science has further vindicated Peter Singer's arguments about animal sentience, and the book has helped change the minds of millions. But the situation for animals has in many ways grown worse. This revised edition, of which about two-thirds is entirely new, documents these and other developments, such as the impact of meat consumption on climate and the spread of dangerous new viruses. It refines its arguments in light of new evidence, equips the reader with fresh tools and advice, and shows us all the road ahead.

'If I have to pick the book that had the most impact on me, I would say Peter Singer's Animal Liberation' Jane Goodall

'One the most important books of the last 100 years' Ecologist

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