Thank You, Moon: Celebrating Nature's Nightlight


Format: Hardback 48 pages
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Imprint: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780593435076
Published: 10 Oct 2023
Classifications: Natural history (Children’s/Teenage), Wildlife (Children's / Teenage)
Weight: 426g

With the soothing rhythm of a bedtime story and the scientific wonder of a nature doc, comes a celebration of the moon and all the creatures who rely on its light to find their way home. Under the glow of a shimmering moon, creatures great and small creep out of their dens, using its light to hunt, fend off predators, build their nests or build families. As the moon changes phases these animals adapt their behavior to match its waxing and waning - while human animals look on in wonder. As Earth's closest companion in space, the moon has fascinated humankind for generations, and this nonfiction picture book sheds light on the mysterious ways it affects life on Earth. With luminous illustrations by Jessica Lanan and a lyrical text that is part lullaby and part scientific resource, Thank You, Moon is a treasure for all ages to enjoy.

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