Animal Talk : All the Incredible Ways that Animals Communicate-9780241620311

Animal Talk : All the Incredible Ways that Animals Communicate

By: Michael Dr Leach, Dr Meriel Lland, Asia Orlando
Binding: Hardback
This animal book explores the many clever and creative ways animals communicate with each other, from head-turning howls to jaw-dropping dances. For many animals, communicating is as important to their life chances as finding food and water. Animal Talk is a brilliant introduction to ingenious communication strategies in the natural world. Whether it is releasing a cloud of ink to confuse, roaring to intimidate, dancing to attract a mate or howling to locate one another, the range of messaging methods in the natural world is quite astonishing (and sometimes quite disgusting!). Perfect for children aged 7-9, the animal book is filled with intriguing illustrations and spectacular photographs of the amazing, obscure, and unusual. You'll never look at nature the same way again! This captivating animal book for children offers: - A fascinating array of animal communications from a wide variety of different species for children aged 7-9. - Expertly written text and accompanying images to clearly explain each animal communication. - Several sections which break down different animal themes, such as sounds, scents, and signals to make the content easy to understand. - Incredible facts about how animals communicate - including how elephants communicate over huge distances by listening through the soles of their feet, how whales communicate through song, and more. Meet birds and spiders who dance to attract a mate, vultures that are sick on their own food to put off other animals, lions who roar at rival prides to test out their strength, and many more. Animal Talk is a must-have for the animal-obsessed, as well as making an interesting resource for school and libraries. At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why not complete the collection?If you liked Animal Talk and finding out about the creative ways that animals communicate with each other, why not check out the other intriguing animal title in the series? How Not To Get Eaten is a book about the many clever ways animals protect themselves from predators in the wild!

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