Book Subscriptions

(Recipient subscribers must be UK based for this service)


Each month we will hand-pick a book for you, based on your interests, and deliver it to your door alongside our newsletter. You have the choice of either a paperback or hardback subscription, for a year, 6 months, or 3 months. 

When you or the recipient of the subscription email us, we will take note of your reading interests and curate our on, some of our selections for you. Some of our favourite authors include nature writers such as Robert Macfarlane, Cal Flyn, Isabella Tree, Adam Nicolson, Raynor Winn, Katherine May, and Roger Deakin. However, we also love history and architecture, as well as beautifully crafted and resonant fiction, so we can cater to a variety of readers - especially those interested in landscape, nature, history, heritage and sustainability.

Your wild words subscription will begin when you, or your chosen recipient of this subscription email us to start your Sherlock & Pages reading journey. 

NOTE: The first subscription deliveries won't begin until the end of January 2024

If you're purchasing this subscription as a gift, you will receive a subscription certificate automatically via email and you have the option for us to deliver you a physical certificate. You can then forward this to the recipient and fill their life with literary joy.


Who receives the digital and/or subscription voucher?

Subscription vouchers are emailed to the whoever has made the purchase, once the payment is completed. The purchaser can then choose to forward this to anyone receiving the subscription as a gift, avoiding ruining the surprise.

If you've requested a physical subscription voucher you'll also automatically get a digital version as well. The physical vouchers are sent to the address you enter when making the purchase, so you can receive this voucher and either keep it to use for yourself as a treat or gift it to the recipient.

This subscription is a gift, what information do you need to make this work?

At the checkout we simply ask for your name and the recipient’s name. Please note the recipient must be in the UK, USA or Canada at this moment in time though we hope to add more geographies shortly.

The recipient will receive their digital subscription certificate from you. They will then be asked to email us to start the subscription and provide the full address where we can send their books. You also have the option to receive a physical voucher in the post for a small extra cost and this can be sent wherever you tell us - though we envision most gifters will like to get it sent to them so they can then pass it on in a special moment to their recipient

When will I receive my subscription books?

Will be posting subscription books at the end of each month, except December when we will post a earlier in the month to avoid the Christmas rush

What if I (or the recipient) have already read the book I receive in the subscription?

We will pick the freshest reads as well as unique classic publications you might not have seen before. You can also guide us on anything in the theme you choose that you have recently read. However, it's possible the situation may arise where you or the recipient has already read the subscription book for a particular month. As a little bookshop just starting out, we hope recipients will pass on the subscription book to someone in need of some inspiration. However, if you still want to send your book back then we'll do our best to replace it with something you haven't read. In short, we'll work it out together.

What is the theme of the subscription?

We have decided to curate our lists based on an initial email from whoever the recipient is, so they can guide us. We'll go through some quick fun questions and take it from there. However, Sherlock & Pages is focused on landscape, nature, history, heritage and sustainability, as well the odd knockout work of people who enjoy these topics may get the most out of our subscriptions. We can curate lists for children too, focusing on our shop themes!

Why can't you ship where I am?

Shipping costs are the reason we only offer the subscription in the UK at the moment. We use a fulfilment service who partners with a range of independent book shops for our website book sales which allows us to access better international shipping rates. However, as the subscriptions go direct from our shop we can't access the same rates for this curated service. In future this could change but for now we take it step by step