Britain's Pilgrim Places : The First Complete Guide to Every Spiritual Treasure-9780954476786

Britain's Pilgrim Places : The First Complete Guide to Every Spiritual Treasure

By: Nick Mayhew-Smith, Guy Hayward
Binding: Paperback / softback
Britain'sPilgrim Places captures thespirit of 2,000 years of history, heritage and wonder. It is the complete guideto every spiritual treasure, including 500 enchanting holy places throughoutEngland, Wales and Scotland and covers all major pilgrimage routes. Produced in collaboration withThe British Pilgrimage Trust, this book encapsulates the timeless quest of the humanspirit to find meaning, connection and peace. Each listing is illustratedin full colour and written and presented in a way that appeals to everyone. From wild hermit islands to city-centre cathedrals alike, there is something tosurprise and enlighten anyone with a sense of the sacred. 2020 is the Year of thePilgrimage and the Year of Cathedrals, and events are being held throughout theyear to mark a revival in pilgrim places, cathedrals and free-form spiritual expression. The British Pilgrimage Trust's mission is to harness the quiet but powerful resurgenceof interest in ancient ways of finding meaning and peace in the landscape. Britain'sPilgrim Places follows on frombest-selling Britain's Holiest Places which became a 6-part BBC televisionseries.

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