Burn : A Story of Fire, Woods and Healing


Format: Paperback / softback 256 pages
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Imprint: Sceptre
ISBN: 9781529370379
Published: 16 Feb 2023
Classifications: Memoirs, Prose: non-fiction, Natural & wild gardening, Natural history
Weight: 186g

A drastic change is needed. For a time, he finds solace working with a forester, then as an apprentice to a Gypsy woodman, setting up home in a dilapidated wagon with just a rescue dog for company. However, it is not until he feels the call of the furnace, a glowing charcoal kiln in the Dorset woods, that he can truly re-forge his thoughts, put the years of suffering behind him, and start afresh by immersing himself in the old ways of woods and fire.

Exquisitely written and deeply honest, Burn is a hopeful story of transformation, a celebration of manual work and craft, and a love letter to the English countryside.

'An extraordinary and powerful book, full of vitality. Every page celebrates the way traditional skills can shape who we are' Tristan Gooley

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