Next to Nature : A Lifetime in the English Countryside


By Ronald Blythe (Author)
Format: Paperback / softback 480 pages
Publisher: John Murray Press
Imprint: John Murray Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781399804691
Published: 13 Apr 2023
Classifications: England, Memoirs, The countryside, country life
Weight: 384g
Dimensions: 129 x 197 x 33 (mm)

Ronald Blythe lived at the end of an overgrown farm track deep in the rolling countryside of the Stour Valley, on the border between Suffolk and Essex. His home was Bottengoms Farm, a sturdy yeoman's house once owned by the artist John Nash. From here, Blythe spent almost half a century observing the slow turn of the agricultural year, the church year and village life in a series of rich, lyrical rural diaries.

Beginning with the arrival of snow on New Year's Day and ending with Christmas carols sung in the village church, Next to Nature invites us to witness a simple life richly lived. With gentle wit and keen observation Blythe meditates on his life and faith, on literature, art and history, and on our place in the landscape. It is a celebration of one of our greatest nature writers, and an unforgettable ode to the English countryside.

'All the charm, wonder, eccentricity and vigour of country life is here in these pages, and told with such engaging directness, detail and colour...Bliss' STEPHEN FRY

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