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Weird Woods

Weird Woods

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Edited by: John Miller
Series: British Library Tales of the Weird
Format: Paperback / softback 288 pages
Publisher: British Library Publishing
Imprint: British Library Publishing
Published: 27 Aug 2020
Dimensions:129 x 189 x 24 (mm)

Woods play an important and recurring role in horror, fantasy, the gothic and the weird. They are places in which strange things happen, where you often can't see where you are or what is around you. Supernatural creatures thrive in the thickets.

Trees reach into underworlds of earth, myth and magic. Forests are full of ghosts. In this new collection, immerse yourself in the whispering voices between the branches in Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor, witness an inexplicable death in Yorkshire's Strid Wood and prepare yourself for an encounter with malignant pagan powers in the dark of the New Forest.

This edition also includes notes on the real locations and folklore which inspired these deliciously sinister stories.

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