Flight : Explore the secret routes of the skies from a bird's-eye view...-9780241597927

Flight : Explore the secret routes of the skies from a bird's-eye view...

By: Mya-Rose Craig, Lynn Scurfield
Binding: Hardback
Explore the world from a birds-eye view in this breath-taking illustrated guide to birds and migration, from one of the world's most renowned young activists. Look around you. Whether you live in a city or the countryside, whether you're standing in a field or peering out of a window. If you wait a few minutes the chances are that you'll see a bird. But did you know that many of these creatures go on epic adventures every single year?Flight is the story of seven of these amazing birds and their incredible journeys around the globe. You'll meet the arctic tern, which covers the distance from the Earth to the Moon and back three times in its lifetime. And the humble swallow, whose epic migration takes it through Europe, across the Sahara Desert and all the way to the tip of South Africa. Along the way, you'll discover history and folklore from around the world that reveal the special relationship between humans and birds. With Lynn Scurfield's beautiful full-colour original artwork on every page, this is the perfect gift for nature-lovers everywhere.

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