Sixty Harvests Left : How to Reach a Nature-Friendly Future-9781526619341

Sixty Harvests Left : How to Reach a Nature-Friendly Future

By: Philip Lymbery
Binding: Paperback / softback
'Powerful, purposeful and persuasive ... This book is transformative. We must read, mark and learn, fast' Michael Morpurgo'A call to action - to change our world from the ground up. A vitally necessary book' Isabella Tree'Philip Lymbery pulls no punches in cataloguing the calamitous mistakes we've made in our food system, but he has bold and inspiring solutions to offer, too.' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall_______________Taking its title from a chilling warning made by the United Nations that the world's soils could be lost within a lifetime, Sixty Harvests Left uncovers how the food industry is threatening the planet. Put simply, without soils there will be no food: game over. And time is running out. From the United Kingdom to Italy, from Brazil to the Gambia to the USA, Philip Lymbery, the internationally acclaimed author of Farmageddon, goes behind the scenes of industrial farming and confronts 'Big Agriculture', where mega-farms, chemicals and animal cages are sweeping the countryside and jeopardising the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the nature that we treasure. In his investigations, however, he also finds hope in the pioneers who are battling to bring landscapes back to life, who are rethinking farming methods, rediscovering traditional techniques and developing technologies to feed an ever-expanding global population. Impassioned, balanced and persuasive, Sixty Harvests Left not only demonstrates why future harvests matter more than ever, but reveals how we can restore our planet for a nature-friendly future.

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