Veganistan : A Vegan Tour of the Middle East-9781911682745

Veganistan : A Vegan Tour of the Middle East

By: Sally Butcher
Binding: Hardback
Veganistan is a brand new volume from Sally Butcher following the silk trail started by Veggiestan and Persepolis. After the success of bestseller Veggiestan, Sally Butcher continues her gastronomic journey along the Silk Road with Veganistan. In response to many requests in her Peckham restaurant, Persepolis, Sally has created a vegan cookbook celebrating plants and wholefoods with the luscious flavours of the Middle East. A masterclass in inventive vegan cooking, the chapters range from hot and cold mezze, fermentation and pickling, and bread and grains to delicious desserts, divine drinks, and vegan meat, dairy and egg substitutes. Stand-out recipes include beetroot and sour cherry gazpacho, mushroom and chestnut borek, seitan kebabs, Persepolitan sauerkraut, and quince and cardamom trifle. Written in Sally's witty and reassuring voice, Veganistan will bring something new to your kitchen and equip you with the skills to make stunning vegan food for any occasion. Contents:Simple MezeSalads and Cold StartersSoups, Snacks and Hot StartersBread, Rice and GrainsFrom the Stewing PotFrom the OvenFrom the Frying Pan and Into the FireSalted, Smoked, Fermented and Pickled FoodsSweet TreatsDrinksA Cheater's Guide to Vegan 'Meat': 'Dairy' and 'Egg' Substitutes

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