Craft Britain : Why Making Matters-9781914317866

Craft Britain : Why Making Matters

By: David Linley, Helen Chislett
Binding: Hardback
Craft is at the very heart of British identity, from stained-glass windows in country churches to the Enid Blyton charm of thatched houses; from Harris Tweed (R) (famously poached by Coco Chanel) to the ceremonial livery worn by horses at Buckingham Palace. The burgeoning of digital craftsmanship is also enriching ground-breaking technologies, including microbial weaving and bespoke-made vessels for growing human tissue. Craft Britain brings together watchmakers with saddlers; bell casters with neon benders; shoemakers with silversmiths; potters with orrery-makers; stonemasons with weavers; embroiderers with basket-makers - and a myriad other craft traditions. This book aims to beat the drum for craft, waking people up to the fact that they need to support the country's rich seam of incredible craftspeople and so encourage new generations to master the skills needed to preserve and continue craft traditions. Craft Britain proves that craftsmanship in Britain is neither dying nor dead, but is a continuing and exciting exploration of process, materials and ideas spanning architecture, interiors, fashion, art and design.

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