An Abundance of Wild Roses


By Feryal Ali-Gauhar (Author)
Format: Hardback 320 pages
Publisher: Canongate Books
Imprint: Canongate Books
Edition: Main
ISBN: 9781838858162
Published: 7 Mar 2024
Classifications: Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
Weight: 422g
Dimensions: 221 x 144 x 30 (mm)

In the Black Mountains of Pakistan, the discovery of an unconscious, unknown man is the first snowball in an avalanche of chaos. The head of the village is beset with problems - including the injured stranger - and failing to find his way out. His daughter receives a love letter and incurs her father's wrath.

A lame boy foretells disaster, but nobody is listening. Trapped in terrible danger, a wolf-dog is battling ice and death to save a soldier's life. Beaten by her addict husband for bearing him only daughters, a woman is pregnant again - but can this child save her?All the while, the spirits of the mountains keep a baleful eye on the doings of the humans.

In a land woven with myth, chained with tradition and afflicted by ongoing conflict and the march of progress, can the villagers find a way to co-exist with nature that doesn't destroy either of them?

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