Another Kyoto by Alex Kerr 9780141988337

Another Kyoto


Step into the ancient heart of Japan with Another Kyoto, an intimate exploration of the hidden wonders of Kyoto, the country's former imperial capital. Through vivid conversations between authors Alex Kerr and Kathy Arlyn Sokol, readers are granted an insider's view into the city's centuries-old temples, meticulously preserved gardens, and rich cultural traditions. Kerr, who has called Kyoto home for decades, serves as an expert guide, revealing the secrets that lie beyond the city's well-trodden tourist paths. From the intricacies of Zen Buddhism to the art of the tea ceremony, Another Kyoto offers a rare glimpse into the enduring soul of this enigmatic city.

Alex Kerr is an American writer and antiques collector who has lived in Kyoto since the 1970s. His deep reverence for Japanese culture has made him a respected authority on traditional Japanese arts and architecture. Kathy Arlyn Sokol is an American author and translator who has collaborated with Kerr on several books exploring Japan's artistic and spiritual heritage.

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