Appointment With Venus by Edward Bawden 9781919642123

Appointment With Venus


In the tumultuous year of 1940, amidst the throes of war, a farcical yet strangely plausible plot unfolds. "Appointment with Venus" by Jerrard Tickell weaves a tapestry of romantic young love, patriotic heroism, and an audacious scheme hatched by the War Office in London - to liberate the planet Venus. This delightfully absurd tale follows the intertwining lives of characters swept up in a whirlwind of adventure, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur deliciously.

Jerrard Tickell, a renowned author of the mid-20th century, brings his trademark wit and imagination to bear in this delightful romp. With a deft hand, he deftly navigates the realms of satire and social commentary, leaving readers both entertained and thoughtful. Tickell's literary prowess shines through in this imaginative and unconventional narrative, cementing his reputation as a master storyteller.

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