Beak, Tooth and Claw : Why We Must Live with Predators by Mary Colwell 9780008354794

Beak, Tooth and Claw : Why We Must Live with Predators


In the eternal dance of nature, predators play a vital role, yet their presence often ignites fear and controversy. "Beak, Tooth and Claw" by Mary Colwell delves into the complex relationship between humans and the predators that roam the British Isles. From the majestic raptors soaring above to the elusive foxes and badgers that prowl the night, this book explores our responses to these captivating creatures and the profound impact our actions have on the delicate balance of British wildlife.

Mary Colwell is a renowned nature writer and producer whose work has been celebrated for its insightful and passionate exploration of the natural world. With a deft touch, she weaves together scientific insights, personal anecdotes, and thought-provoking perspectives, inviting readers to reconsider their perceptions of predators and embrace a more harmonious coexistence with these essential components of our ecosystems.

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