Black Ops and Beaver Bombing : Adventures with Britain's Wild Mammals by Tim Kendall 9780861548002

Black Ops and Beaver Bombing : Adventures with Britain's Wild Mammals


Embark on an extraordinary wildlife safari through the hidden realms of Britain's untamed landscapes. In "Black Ops and Beaver Bombing," the intrepid husband-and-wife duo of Fiona Mathews and Tim Kendall take you on a thrilling quest to track down and document the nation's rarest and most elusive wild mammals. From the stealthy pine martens prowling ancient woodlands to the industrious beavers reshaping riverine ecosystems, this book unveils the secret lives of these enigmatic creatures in their natural habitats. With captivating storytelling and a deep reverence for nature, the authors invite you to witness firsthand the resilience, adaptability, and sheer wonder of Britain's wild mammalian residents.

Fiona Mathews and Tim Kendall are a dynamic duo who have dedicated their lives to exploring and celebrating the natural world. With a wealth of experience in wildlife conservation and a passion for adventure, they have traversed the length and breadth of the British Isles, forging an intimate connection with the creatures that call these landscapes home. Their unique perspectives and unwavering commitment to preserving biodiversity make them the perfect guides on this extraordinary journey.

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