Bothy : In Search of Simple Shelter by Kat Hill 9780008619022

Bothy : In Search of Simple Shelter


In the rugged landscapes of the British Isles, where towering peaks meet windswept valleys, a network of humble shelters known as bothies dot the wilderness. These simple stone structures, often tucked away in remote corners, have become sanctuaries for adventurers and nature lovers seeking refuge from the elements. "Bothy: In Search of Simple Shelter" is a captivating memoir that invites readers to join author Kat Hill on a journey of discovery, as she explores the rich history and allure of these rustic havens.

With a deep reverence for the natural world and a keen eye for detail, Kat Hill weaves a tapestry of stories that transport readers to the heart of the bothies. From the windswept highlands of Scotland to the rolling hills of England and Wales, she unveils the tales of those who have sought solace within these humble walls, revealing the enduring appeal of simplicity and connection with the land. Kat's lyrical prose paints vivid portraits of the landscapes, the people she encounters, and the profound sense of peace that permeates these sanctuaries of solitude.

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