Casting Shadows : Fish and Fishing in Britain by Tom Fort 9780008283483

Casting Shadows : Fish and Fishing in Britain


Casting Shadows takes readers on a captivating journey through Britain's rich angling heritage. Tom Fort weaves a tapestry of stories and personal experiences that celebrate the cultural significance of fish and fishing in the nation's history. From misty riverbanks to windswept shores, this enchanting narrative immerses you in the timeless pursuit of the elusive catch. Fort's lyrical prose and deep reverence for the art of angling make this book a poignant call to arms to appreciate fishing's indelible role in British life and landscapes.

Tom Fort is an acclaimed author and former book editor whose passion for the outdoors shines through his writings. With a deft hand, he illuminates the traditions, folklore, and ecological importance surrounding Britain's diverse species of fish. Casting Shadows is a must-read for anglers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a deeper connection to the nation's aquatic treasures.

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