Dracula by Ang Lee 9780141196886



Bram Stoker's seminal gothic horror novel "Dracula" sinks its teeth into the depths of Victorian society and the primal fear of the unknown. When young Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to facilitate a real estate transaction for the enigmatic Count Dracula, he stumbles upon a terrifying discovery - his client is a powerful, undead vampire. As Dracula sets his sights on England, a ragtag coalition of protagonists must band together to hunt down and destroy the evil Count before his bloodlust consumes them all. With rich atmosphere, chilling suspense, and unforgettable characters, this classic tale explores timeless themes of good vs. evil, the duality of human nature, and the insatiable thirst for immortality.

Bram Stoker was an Irish author best known for his 1897 Gothic novel "Dracula." Born in 1847, Stoker worked as a theater critic and spent several years researching European folklore and vampire legends, providing the inspiration for his most famous work. "Dracula" was a seminal influence on the modern vampire genre and its enduring popularity cemented Stoker's legacy as one of the masters of Gothic fiction.

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