Forecast : A Diary of the Lost Seasons by Joe Shute 9781472976772

Forecast : A Diary of the Lost Seasons


In 'Forecast: A Diary of the Lost Seasons', Joe Shute embarks on a captivating journey across Britain, documenting the profound impact of shifting weather patterns on nature and the lives of its inhabitants. With each turn of the page, Shute unveils a poignant narrative that interweaves the beauty of the natural world with the unsettling realities of climate change. Through vivid descriptions and personal encounters, he unveils how the traditional cadence of the seasons is being disrupted, challenging long-held cultural traditions and rhythms.

Joe Shute is a seasoned journalist and author, renowned for his ability to weave intricate narratives that resonate with readers. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the natural world, he invites us to bear witness to the transformative power of climate change, urging us to confront the consequences of our actions and embrace a more sustainable path forward.

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