Heaven's Breath : A Natural History of the Wind by Lyall Watson 9781681373690

Heaven's Breath : A Natural History of the Wind


Heaven's Breath is a mesmerizing journey through the unseen world of the wind, unveiling its profound impact on nature, history, and the human experience. Lyall Watson's encyclopedic exploration takes readers on a captivating adventure, unraveling the peculiar aspects of the air that surrounds us. From the gentle caress of a summer breeze to the ferocious might of a hurricane, this book delves into the intricate interplay between wind and the natural world, revealing how this invisible force has shaped landscapes, influenced civilizations, and inspired myths and legends across cultures.

Lyall Watson, a renowned naturalist and anthropologist, brings his deep reverence for the natural world and his insatiable curiosity to this remarkable work. With a poetic yet scientific approach, he unravels the mysteries of the wind, exploring its role in pollination, seed dispersal, and the migration patterns of birds and insects. Watson's narrative weaves together scientific insights, historical accounts, and cultural perspectives, offering a holistic understanding of this elemental force that has captivated humanity since the dawn of time.

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