Heida : A Shepherd at the Edge of the World by Steinunn SigurA�ardottir 9781473696488

Heida : A Shepherd at the Edge of the World


Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Heida Asgeirsdottir, a solitary shepherd tending to her flock of 500 sheep in the remote, unforgiving terrain of Iceland's highlands. Heida: A Shepherd at the Edge of the World offers an intimate glimpse into her remarkable life, a testament to resilience and an unwavering connection with nature. Through vivid descriptions and raw honesty, this memoir transports readers to the rugged landscapes where Heida navigates the challenges of solitude, harsh weather, and the primal bond between a shepherd and her flock.

Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, a renowned Icelandic author, and Heida Asgeirsdottir herself have collaborated to weave this captivating narrative, inviting readers to experience the rhythms of a life lived in harmony with the land and its inhabitants. With a keen eye for detail and a deep respect for tradition, they unveil the secrets of a world few have witnessed, where the ancient art of shepherding endures against all odds.

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