How to be a Bad Botanist by Simon Barnes 9781398518919

How to be a Bad Botanist


Prepare to have your eyes opened to the wondrous and often bizarre world of plants in Simon Barnes' delightful book "How to be a Bad Botanist." This light-hearted yet informative guide takes you on an enthralling journey through the botanical kingdom, from the fundamental process of photosynthesis to the mind-boggling adaptations plants have developed to thrive in their environments. With wit and enthusiasm, Barnes invites you to appreciate the marvels that lie hidden in plain sight, whether in your garden, park, or the cracks of city pavements.

Simon Barnes is a celebrated author and naturalist known for his ability to make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging. With a lifelong passion for the natural world, he has authored numerous bestselling books that inspire a deeper connection with the flora and fauna around us. In "How to be a Bad Botanist," Barnes shares his infectious curiosity and keen observational skills, encouraging readers to embark on their own botanical adventures and discover the wonders that await.

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