In All Weathers : A Journey Through Rain, Fog, Wind, Ice and Everything In Between


Format: Hardback 256 pages
Publisher:  Elliott & Thompson Limited
Imprint: Elliott & Thompson Limited
ISBN: 9781783967735
Published: 28 Mar 2024
Classifications: United Kingdom, Great Britain, Climate change, Weather
Weight: 352g

From the howling winds of Skye to the fen-sucked fogs of East Anglia, explore the power and beauty of British weather in all its wild and stormy forms. All too often our weather is simply deemed as good (sunny) or bad (anything else), and our likelihood of venturing outside is governed by that simplistic judgement.

But inclement weather can be beautiful, sublime, even fun. It transforms the light, textures and colours of a landscape and influences our mood and behaviour. It has inspired poets and artists, seeped into our language and folklore, and fundamentally shaped our way of life on these isles.

It allows new worlds to emerge, shrouded in fog, splintered by ice and refreshed by rain. In In All Weathers Matt Gaw embarks on a series of walks across Britain – through rain, fog, wind, ice and snow – to look again at our most widely accessed experience of the natural world, exploring where our weather comes from, the ways it is changing, and how we can embrace it as a positive presence in our lives. It’s time to throw open the doors, window and soul to the inspiring wildness of weather.

‘Gorgeously immersive and exposing. Matt Gaw’s writing is lucid and illuminating, but with a subtle sensuality and creatureliness that means we almost walk in his skin. A journey of reconnection when we have never needed it more.’ Amy-Jane Beer, author of The Flow

‘In All Weathers is a beautiful book, a shimmer of unexpected ways of seeing and experiencing the world, shining with detailed insight and attentive understanding.

'Wild, oppressive and inclement weathers have found a wonderfully gentle champion in Matt Gaw – these are explorations to delight every walker and refresh any reader.’ Horatio Clare, author of Heavy Light

‘Elegant, learned and thoughtful, this book vindicates our obsession with the weather.’ Katherine May, author of Enchantment

‘Matt’s vivid, personal journey through weather will inspire you to welcome and embrace even the dullest, dampest, shiver-inducing-est of conditions. Uplifting and full of wonder.’ Lev Parikian, author of Taking Flight

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