Istanbul by Maureen Freely 9780571218332



In this mesmerizing memoir, Orhan Pamuk, the celebrated Turkish novelist and Nobel laureate, takes us on a deeply personal journey through the vibrant, chaotic, and endlessly fascinating city of Istanbul. Blending intimate reminiscences with a rich tapestry of cultural history, Pamuk paints a vivid portrait of a city that has captivated him since childhood. From the crumbling Ottoman mansions along the Bosphorus to the bustling backstreets of the Grand Bazaar, he unveils the hidden layers and tantalizing secrets that lie beneath the surface of this ancient metropolis, inviting readers to experience the magic and mystery that have inspired his literary genius.

Orhan Pamuk is one of the most acclaimed and influential writers of our time. Born in Istanbul in 1952, he has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006, for his richly metaphorical novels that explore the clashes and tensions between East and West, tradition and modernity. With Istanbul: Memories of a City, Pamuk cements his reputation as a master storyteller and a profound observer of the human condition, offering a deeply personal and poetic love letter to the city that has shaped his life and his art.

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