Love of Country : A Hebridean Journey by Madeleine Bunting 9781847085184

Love of Country : A Hebridean Journey


Embark on a captivating odyssey through the rugged landscapes and rich cultural tapestry of the Hebrides islands in Madeleine Bunting's "Love of Country: A Journey through the Hebrides." This mesmerizing travelogue transcends the boundaries of a traditional guidebook, weaving vivid descriptions of the islands' breathtaking scenery with intricate historical narratives that unveil their profound significance within the fabric of Scottish national identity.

Bunting, a seasoned journalist and author, invites readers to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of the Hebrides, from the windswept cliffs and pristine beaches to the ancient standing stones that bear witness to millennia of human habitation. With her keen eye for detail and lyrical prose, she paints a vivid portrait of these remote islands, capturing the essence of their unique character and the indomitable spirit of their inhabitants.

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