MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood 9781844087877



In the final installment of Margaret Atwood's captivating MaddAddam trilogy, the world as we know it has been shattered by a man-made plague that decimated humanity. From the ashes, a new society emerges – one where genetic engineering and the natural world collide in an epic struggle for survival. Follow the intertwined fates of the few remaining humans and their bioengineered counterparts as they navigate the treacherous path towards an uncertain future. With her trademark blend of razor-sharp prose and thought-provoking themes, Atwood weaves a post-apocalyptic tapestry that will leave you questioning the boundaries of scientific progress and humanity's place in a world reshaped by its own hand.

Margaret Atwood is a literary titan whose works have garnered critical acclaim and a devoted global readership. A recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the Booker Prize and the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Atwood's writing fearlessly tackles complex societal issues with a deft touch and uncompromising honesty. MaddAddam serves as a powerful culmination to her visionary trilogy, cementing her status as a true master of speculative fiction.

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