Otter Country : In Search of the Wild Otter by Miriam Darlington 9781847084866

Otter Country : In Search of the Wild Otter


Slip beneath the waters of Britain's riverbanks and into the secretive world of the wild otter. In this lyrical memoir, Miriam Darlington embarks on an enchanting quest to catch a glimpse of one of nature's most elusive and captivating creatures. With a biologist's eye and a poet's voice, she artfully blends insights into otter ecology, behavior and conservation efforts with her own spellbinding journey of patience and perseverance, as she traverses the hidden paths and quiet glades where otters lurk.

Miriam Darlington is a naturalist, nature writer and former BBC Wildlife Magazine columnist. Her writing has been described as "transformative" and "tuning the reader into an exquisite awareness of the natural world." With an MA in Science Communication, she deftly translates the complexities of the natural sciences into evocative and accessible prose. Otter Country is her first full-length book, capturing the author's infectious passion for these remarkable mammals and the fragile ecosystems they inhabit.

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