Ravenna : Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe by Judith Herrin 9780241954454

Ravenna : Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe


In the crumbling ruins of the Roman Empire, a city arose as a beacon of power and culture – Ravenna. In this groundbreaking historical account, Judith Herrin masterfully unravels the story of how this unlikely crucible forged a new era for Europe. With a bold reinterpretation of East-West dynamics, Herrin draws upon the latest archaeological evidence to paint a vivid tapestry of Ravenna's pivotal role in shaping the post-Roman world.

Judith Herrin is a leading authority on the Byzantine Empire and Professor Emerita at King's College London. Her previous works, including the acclaimed "Byzantium: The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire", have garnered widespread critical acclaim for their scholarly rigor and captivating narratives. In "Ravenna: Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe", Herrin's meticulous research and engaging prose transport readers to the heart of a transformative epoch, shedding new light on a city that defied the odds to become a crucible of European civilization.

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