Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World : A History by William Alexander 9781538753330

Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World : A History


Unassuming yet revolutionary, the humble tomato has carved an extraordinary path through history. In "Ten Tomatoes that Changed the World," William Alexander takes you on a riveting journey through the incredible stories behind this ubiquitous fruit (yes, fruit!). From its modest beginnings in the Americas to its triumphant conquest of global cuisines, this book unveils the tomato's unlikely role in everything from colonial wars and mafia turf battles to scientific breakthroughs and culinary revolutions.

William Alexander is a celebrated author and historian whose passion for food anthropology has earned him critical acclaim. With impeccable research and a flair for captivating storytelling, he brings to life the heroes, con artists, conquistadors, and even mobsters whose fates became inextricably linked with the tomato's meteoric rise. This delectable exploration of the tomato's impact on civilizations will forever change the way you perceive this everyday superstar.

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