The Big Book of Blooms


Format: Hardback 64 pages, 64 Illustrations, color
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint: Thames & Hudson Ltd
ISBN: 9780500651995
Published: 21 May 2020
Classifications: Natural history (Children’s/Teenage), Social issues: environment & green issues (Children's / Teenage)
Weight: 766g

What does a venus fly trap eat? How strong is a giant water lily? Does a cactus flower? The newest addition to Yuval Zommer's bestselling series answers these questions and more as it introduces young children to all kinds of colourful, carnivorous, weird and wonderful flowering plants from around the world. It opens with introductory spreads on how to be a botanist; how to recognise different types of flowers; the life-cycle of a plant; flower anatomy; and the seven types of animal pollinators including bats, birds and beetles. Subsequent spreads, illustrated within various habitats, are dedicated to specific varieties of plants, including the carnivorous venus flytrap, the giant water lily and the weird and wonderful corpse flower.

Readers will enjoy learning about different edible flowers and why flowers are fragrant or colourful, not to mention grisly details about carnivorous and poisonous flowers.

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