The Book of Eels : Their Lives, Secrets and Myths by Tom Fort 9780007115938

The Book of Eels : Their Lives, Secrets and Myths


Delve into the enigmatic world of eels with Tom Fort's captivating book, "The Book of Eels: Their Lives, Secrets and Myths." This meticulously researched work blends natural history, social commentary, and personal narrative, unravelling the mysteries that have shrouded these slippery creatures for centuries. Fort's obsession with unraveling the secrets of eels takes readers on an extraordinary journey, exploring their remarkable life cycles, bizarre reproductive habits, and the enduring myths that have surrounded them across cultures and eras.

Tom Fort is a celebrated writer and historian with a passion for the natural world. His extensive research and engaging storytelling style have earned him critical acclaim, and "The Book of Eels" is a testament to his dedication and curiosity. With a keen eye for detail and a gift for making complex subjects accessible, Fort invites readers to appreciate the wonder and complexity of these often-overlooked creatures, shedding light on their pivotal role in ecosystems and their significance in human history and folklore.

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