The Brief Life of Flowers by Fiona Stafford 9781473686373

The Brief Life of Flowers


Delve into the captivating world of flowers with Fiona Stafford's "The Brief Life of Flowers." This enchanting book weaves together art, science, history, and horticulture, offering a fresh perspective on the ephemeral beauty and significance of Britain's floral wonders. Through a tapestry of stories, Stafford unveils the hidden depths behind each petal, revealing the profound impact flowers have had on our culture and our understanding of the natural world.

Fiona Stafford is a renowned professor of literature and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. Her extensive research and passion for botany shine through every page, inviting readers on a journey through time and across disciplines. With a deft touch, she intertwines scientific knowledge with artistic interpretations, historical anecdotes, and horticultural insights, creating a multifaceted exploration that will captivate both the casual reader and the seasoned naturalist alike.

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