The Go-between by Douglas Brooks-Davies 9780141187785

The Go-between


A poignant and evocative tale of innocence lost, 'The Go-Between' by L.P. Hartley is a masterful exploration of the bittersweet transition from childhood to adulthood. Set against the idyllic backdrop of a sprawling English countryside estate, the story follows a young boy who unwittingly becomes entangled in a forbidden romance between a farmer and his friend's older sister. As the naive messenger ferrying secret messages between the ill-fated lovers, the boy's eyes are opened to the complexities of the adult world, forever altering his perception of life and love.

L.P. Hartley was a British novelist and short story writer renowned for his exquisite prose and intricate character studies. Born in 1895, he served in World War I before embarking on a literary career that spanned over five decades. 'The Go-Between', published in 1953, is considered Hartley's seminal work and a modern classic, exploring timeless themes of desire, betrayal, and the loss of childhood innocence with remarkable depth and insight.

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