The King in the North : The Life and Times of Oswald of Northumbria by Max Adams 9781789546620

The King in the North : The Life and Times of Oswald of Northumbria


Step into the shadowy realm of Dark Age Britain with Max Adams' gripping biography, "The King in the North: The Life and Times of Oswald of Northumbria." This meticulously researched tome transports you to the tumultuous 7th century, where the Christian warlord Oswald emerges as a towering figure, forging a kingdom and leaving an indelible mark on history. Adams deftly weaves together threads of power, faith, and conquest, painting a vivid portrait of a man who defied the odds to become the first great English ruler after the Anglo-Saxon invasion. From the founding of the iconic Lindisfarne monastery to the battles that shaped his legacy, this book offers a panoramic view of a pivotal era, inviting you to walk in the footsteps of a legend.

Max Adams is a renowned archaeologist and author, renowned for his ability to breathe life into the distant past. With a keen eye for detail and a masterful command of storytelling, he unveils the complexities of Oswald's world, shedding light on the intricate tapestry of politics, religion, and warfare that defined this tumultuous age. Adams' meticulous research and evocative prose transport readers to a time when the fate of nations hung in the balance, and one man's vision and determination left an enduring legacy.

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