The Living and the Rest by Daniel Hahn 9781529421750

The Living and the Rest


In this dark and deliciously satirical novel, José Eduardo Agualusa takes readers on a wild ride through an island literary festival that spirals into complete chaos. 'The Living and the Rest' is a biting commentary on the pretensions of the literary elite, skewering their egos and hypocrisies with razor-sharp wit. As the festival descends into an apocalyptic situation, the characters find themselves stripped of their polished veneers, forced to confront harsh truths about themselves and the human condition. With its unforgettable cast and razor-sharp social commentary, this darkly comic masterpiece will have you laughing until it hurts.

José Eduardo Agualusa is an award-winning Angolan novelist, considered one of the most important voices in contemporary Portuguese literature. His works, which have been translated into over 20 languages, blend elements of magical realism, satire, and political commentary to create rich, thought-provoking narratives. 'The Living and the Rest' cemented his reputation as a literary tour de force, winning the prestigious Dublin Literary Award and earning widespread critical acclaim.

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