The Solace of Open Spaces by Gretel Ehrlich 9781911547334

The Solace of Open Spaces


In the wake of devastating loss, Gretel Ehrlich sought refuge in the untamed landscapes of Wyoming. "The Solace of Open Spaces" is a poetic memoir chronicling her journey through grief, as she finds solace in the rugged beauty and solitude of the American West. With lyrical prose, Ehrlich paints vivid portraits of the land and its inhabitants, human and wild, while exploring profound themes of love, loss, and our innate connection to the natural world.

Gretel Ehrlich is an acclaimed nature writer, poet, and essayist. Born in California, she has traveled extensively and lived a life immersed in the great outdoors. Her works have been celebrated for their evocative language and deep reverence for the earth, capturing the essence of place with unparalleled intimacy and insight. "The Solace of Open Spaces" is a mesmerizing and deeply moving account of one woman's journey to heal her shattered heart in the vast, unforgiving yet nurturing embrace of the Wyoming wilderness.

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