The Trees that Made Britain by Archie Miles 9781785946998

The Trees that Made Britain


Delve into the fascinating world of Britain's ancient woodlands and uncover the pivotal role trees have played in shaping the nation's history. "The Trees that made Britain" by Archie Miles is a captivating exploration of the enduring bond between the British Isles and its arboreal inhabitants. From the mighty oaks that formed the backbone of the Royal Navy's formidable warships to the humble yew trees whose wood was meticulously crafted into the legendary longbows of English archers, this book unveils the myriad ways in which trees have left an indelible mark on the cultural, economic, and military fabric of the nation.

Archie Miles is a renowned nature writer and historian whose passion for the natural world shines through his engaging prose. With a keen eye for detail and a deep reverence for the subject matter, he takes readers on a fascinating journey through time, weaving together tales of ancient forests, iconic battles, and the ingenuity of craftsmen who harnessed the power of wood to create enduring legacies.

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