To the River : A Journey Beneath the Surface by Olivia Laing 9781786891587

To the River : A Journey Beneath the Surface


To the River by Olivia Laing is a mesmerizing blend of nature writing and memoir that takes readers on a lyrical journey along the River Ouse in Sussex. Tracing the same path where Virginia Woolf tragically ended her life, Laing's narrative is a profound meditation on how landscapes become repositories of history and memory. With exquisite prose, she unravels the intricate tapestry woven by the river's flow, exploring themes of loss, identity, and the indelible imprints left by those who came before.

Olivia Laing is a celebrated British writer and critic, renowned for her poetic explorations of art, literature, and the human condition. Her unique voice and keen eye for detail have earned her widespread acclaim, including being nominated for the Encore Award and the Gordon Burn Prize. To the River cements Laing's reputation as a masterful storyteller, seamlessly blending the personal and the universal in a profound meditation on the natural world and our place within it.

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