Twelve Moons : A Year Under a Shared Sky by Caro Giles 9780008543266

Twelve Moons : A Year Under a Shared Sky


Twelve Moons invites you on an intimate journey through the seasons, guided by the ever-changing faces of the lunar cycle. In this lyrical memoir, Caro Giles shares her experiences of a year spent living on the edge of the countryside, finding solace and strength in the natural world around her. As the moons wax and wane, she celebrates the joys of motherhood and the restorative power of the great outdoors. With a keen eye for detail, Giles paints vivid portraits of the landscape, from the first blush of spring to the frosty depths of winter.

Caro Giles is a writer and mother whose work explores the profound connections between humans and the natural environment. Her essays and articles have appeared in various publications, but Twelve Moons marks her first full-length book. Drawing inspiration from her rural surroundings, Giles crafts an immersive and lyrical narrative that will resonate with anyone who has sought refuge in the beauty of the changing seasons.

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