Under the Stars : A Journey Into Light


Format: Paperback / softback 224 pages
Publisher: Elliott & Thompson Limited
Imprint: Elliott & Thompson Limited
ISBN: 9781783965823
Published: 4 Feb 2021
Weight: 216g
Dimensions: 129 x 199 x 19 (mm)

When you flick off a switch, other forms of light begin to reveal themselves. In this beautifully written exploration of the power of the lights of night, Matt Gaw ventures forth into darkness to find out exactly what we're missing when we fill our world with artificial glow, obliterating the subtler natural lights that have guided us and wildlife for millennia.

Walking by the light of the moon in Suffolk and under the scattered buckshot of starlight in Scotland; braving the darkest depths of Dartmoor and the glare of 24/7 London, Under the Stars is an inspirational and immersive call to reconnect with the natural world - and to switch off. We only need to step outside to find that, in darkness, the world lights up. Let's look up together.

'Enchanting, fascinating and written with real soul and sensitivity.' - Rob Cowen, author of Common Ground'

"Lyrical, warm, and suffused with the magic of the night" - Patrick Barkham, author of The Butterfly Isles

'One of the most inspiring of our young nature writers, with a highly original journey into darkness and night' - Stephen Moss, naturalist and author of The Robin: A Biography


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