Undercurrent : Nero Book Awards shortlist 2023 by Natasha Carthew 9781399706513

Undercurrent : Nero Book Awards shortlist 2023


Undercurrent is a raw and unflinching memoir that pulls back the curtain on rural poverty in Cornwall. Natasha Carthew's vivid prose transports you to the heart of a tight-knit village, where she paints a visceral portrait of her tumultuous upbringing. With searing honesty, she grapples with themes of social inequality, resilience, and what it truly means to call a place home. Carthew's story is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of circumstances, the human spirit can persevere.

Natasha Carthew is an emerging voice in memoir writing. Born and raised in Cornwall, her childhood was marked by economic hardship, but also by the rugged beauty of the English countryside. Undercurrent is her debut work, a courageous act of self-expression that establishes her as a writer of rare authenticity and insight.

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