Who Owns England? : How We Lost Our Land and How to Take it Back by Guy Shrubsole 9780008321710

Who Owns England? : How We Lost Our Land and How to Take it Back


Who Owns England? is a groundbreaking work of investigative journalism that exposes the shocking truth about land ownership in England. Guy Shrubsole takes readers on a riveting journey, unveiling how a tiny minority of the population owns the vast majority of the nation's green and pleasant land. This meticulously researched book shines a light on the antiquated system of land ownership that has concentrated power and wealth in the hands of a privileged few for centuries. Through captivating narratives and eye-opening statistics, Shrubsole makes a compelling case for radical reform to reclaim England's natural heritage for the people.

Guy Shrubsole is an environmental researcher and campaigner who has spent years uncovering the murky world of land ownership in England. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for social justice, he has dedicated himself to exposing the inequalities perpetuated by the current system. Shrubsole's work has been featured in various publications, and he is a respected voice in the fight for a fairer distribution of land and resources.

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