All the Seas of the World : International bestseller by Guy Gavriel Kay 9781529385205

All the Seas of the World : International bestseller


All the Seas of the World plunges you into a richly imagined world reminiscent of the near-Renaissance era. Guy Gavriel Kay's latest masterpiece follows the intertwined fates of Rafel ben Natan and Nadia bint Dhiyan, two merchants-turned-privateers on a perilous mission to assassinate the khalif of Abeneven. As they navigate treacherous political waters and confront their own deeply held beliefs, Kay deftly explores timeless themes of loyalty, honor, and the inescapable consequences of violence. With his trademark lyrical prose and intricate world-building, he crafts an immersive tale brimming with vivid characters and cultures inspired by the historical Mediterranean.

Guy Gavriel Kay is an internationally bestselling author renowned for his sumptuous historical fantasies. His works, including The Fionavar Tapestry and The Sarantine Mosaic, have been translated into over 25 languages and have earned him numerous accolades, including the World Fantasy Award. A master storyteller, Kay transports readers to other realms steeped in the richness of our own world's history while exploring profound questions of humanity.

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