And Time Was No More : Essential Stories and Memories by Teffi 9781805330424

And Time Was No More : Essential Stories and Memories


Teffi's "And Time Was No More" is a captivating collection that transports readers through the tumultuous years surrounding the Russian Revolution. With her signature wit and poignant observations, Teffi deftly weaves tales that capture the essence of a bygone era. From humorous sketches depicting the opulent salons of pre-revolutionary Russia to heart-wrenching accounts of life in exile, this anthology showcases the full breadth of her literary talents. Previously untranslated gems are unveiled alongside her celebrated works, offering a comprehensive exploration of Teffi's remarkable storytelling prowess.

Teffi, born Nadezhda Alexandrovna Lokhvitskaya, was a revered Russian author and playwright renowned for her satirical voice and profound insights into the human condition. Having witnessed the upheaval of the Bolshevik Revolution firsthand, her writings provide an intimate and nuanced perspective on a nation in turmoil. With her sharp wit and compassionate observations, Teffi has cemented her place as a literary icon, capturing the essence of a pivotal era in Russian history.

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