Matilda : Empress, Queen, Warrior by Catherine Hanley 9780300251470

Matilda : Empress, Queen, Warrior


Matilda: Empress, Queen, Warrior by Catherine Hanley shines a light on the extraordinary life of the woman who battled fiercely to ascend the English throne in the 12th century. This gripping historical biography explores Matilda's unwavering determination to claim her birthright and rule as the first reigning Queen of England. From raising armies and commanding battles, to navigating the treacherous world of medieval politics, Hanley brings to life Matilda's remarkable achievements and the obstacles she overcame in her quest for power.

Catherine Hanley is an acclaimed historian and author who has made Matilda's story her life's work. With meticulous research and a novelist's flair for drama, Hanley weaves a captivating narrative that transports readers into the heart of one of England's most turbulent eras. This landmark biography cements Matilda's rightful place as a formidable empress, queen, and warrior who defied the conventions of her time.

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