Square Haunting : Five Women, Freedom and London Between the Wars by Francesca Wade 9780571330669

Square Haunting : Five Women, Freedom and London Between the Wars


In the heady years between the two World Wars, a group of five remarkable women writers converged on London's Mecklenburgh Square, seeking new freedoms and forging their own daring literary paths. Francesca Wade's captivating 'Square Haunting' brings to vivid life the interwoven stories of Virginia Woolf, H.D., Dorothy L. Sayers, Jane Harrison and Eileen Power - trailblazers who pushed boundaries in literature, scholarship and social norms. With rich period detail and keen insight, Wade illuminates the struggles, passions and profound achievements of these luminaries who found inspiration and solace in their eccentric Bloomsbury surroundings.

Francesca Wade is a British writer and literary scholar whose work has appeared in publications like the London Review of Books and Times Literary Supplement. 'Square Haunting' is her acclaimed debut book, drawing from deep archival research to create an intimate and nuanced portrait of five fascinating literary figures. Wade's sensitive and evocative storytelling shines a light on the remarkable lives of these pioneering women and the pivotal era that shaped them.

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