Ten Birds That Changed the World by Stephen Moss 9781783352425

Ten Birds That Changed the World


Soaring through the skies and woven into the fabric of human civilization, birds have played a pivotal role in shaping our world. "Ten Birds That Changed the World" by Stephen Moss is a captivating exploration of the profound bond between humankind and these feathered wonders. From the humble pigeon to the majestic eagle, this book unveils the extraordinary impact of key avian species on history, culture, and scientific discovery.

Stephen Moss, a renowned naturalist and author, takes readers on an enthralling journey through time and across continents, unveiling the intricate tapestry that binds birds and humans together. With meticulous research and vivid storytelling, he delves into the natural history of these remarkable creatures, while simultaneously unraveling the historical and cultural contexts that have elevated them to iconic status. Whether it's the passenger pigeon's tragic demise that sparked conservation efforts, or the humble chicken's role in shaping culinary traditions, each chapter is a testament to the profound influence these winged ambassadors have had on our collective consciousness.

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