The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles 9780141187778

The Sheltering Sky


Venture into the heart of existential despair with Paul Bowles' masterpiece, The Sheltering Sky. This profound novel follows an American couple, Port and Kit Moresby, as they embark on a journey through the unforgiving deserts of North Africa in the aftermath of World War II. What begins as an escape from the confines of their stale marriage quickly spirals into a harrowing descent into the depths of the human psyche, as they grapple with the harsh realities of an alien culture and the vast, unrelenting expanse of the Sahara. With lyrical prose and unflinching honesty, Bowles weaves a haunting tale of disillusionment, self-discovery, and the fragility of human existence.

Paul Bowles, a celebrated American novelist and composer, draws upon his own experiences living in Morocco to craft this seminal work of existential and psychological fiction. His profound understanding of cross-cultural dynamics and the human condition imbues The Sheltering Sky with a rare authenticity and depth, solidifying its place as a modern classic.

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